Our Story

Warmth That Goes Beyond Just Fabric

How often should you buy a winter coat? I know, our about us started with a question to you however an extremely valid one that we will get to in a second. Most of us only think about outer apparel such as a coat when we are approaching the fall / winter season.  As it stands it is not typically something that a lot of effort is put into. Most often we (consumers) are looking at price, size, and functionality often missing quality. We purchase, wear it for the season and start the process over again the next year or months later due to wear and tear. So, I ask how often do you buy a winter coat?

A Custom Approach

At Helios the Heated Coat, brand we believe a coat should serve more than one purpose it should serve several. Keeping customers warm is only one of them. In order for us to do this to design something that was forward, stylish, innovative, and trendy we had to go far past any design limitation barriers and replace them with functional strategies that would give customers the feeling of being embraced with excellence from within. To bring this to light we spent 2 years designing and redesigning testing and retesting to ensure our product would have longevity in fashion, function, and design. We are so excited for you to experience this coat that has had so much love poured into it. After all we made it for you feel the warmth, feel the life, wear the future. Helios The Heated Coat.